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File Shredder Tool v1.0

File Shredder Tool is a simple Windows OS utilty that can permanently delete files from your hard drive so that no one can recover them with file recovery software. As you know the Windows native “Delete” operation doesn’t permanently delete files, in fact most of the files deleted via the recycle bin can be easily recovered. This tool can completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive in a fast and easy way.

For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32\64-bit)

app screenshot

Permanently Shred Files

Shred and wipe important files, permanently delete files on your PC. Different shredding algorithms are used to ensure permanent file deletion, it supports a single pass, 3 passes (DoD), 7 passes (DoD) and 35 passes (Gutmann). Before deleting the file this tool renames the file to a random name, making it impossible to even know the name of a deleted file.

Permanent File Deletion

Permanently delete and wipe files so that they cannot be recovered.

Shred Big Files

With this tool you can effectively shred also big files of 4GB+ in file size.

Overwrite Files

It supports a single pass, 3 passes (DoD), 7 passes (DoD) and 35 passes (Gutmann).

Rename Files

Randomly rename files before they're deleted so the name can't be discovered.

Explorer Context Menu

Integrates into the Windows Explorer context menu to select multiple files and folders.

No NTFS MFT Traces

Since the files are renamed prior deletion no important traces are left in NTFS MFT.

Very Lightweight

The software application uses only a few MBs of memory, you will not even notice it.

No Spyware\Adware

The program is free from spyware, adware or other pests, nothing extra is installed.

Free to Use

This software is completely free to use for anyone, at home and at work.

Application Screenshots

Here there are some screenshots of the application.

app screen
app screen

Product Details

Version 1.0
Last Updated March 3, 2016
Operating System For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32\64-bit)
Category General Utilities
License Type Freeware
File Size 1.8 MB