APIVoid: Threat Analysis APIs for Threat Detection & Prevention
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Appsvoid is a collection of software applications where you can find all NoVirusThanks
Windows software (except a few ones, e.g OSArmor) previously listed on our main website and purchase a
yearly license to use all applications on your computer.

Our software will be moved there

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OSArmor provides an additional layer of defense by monitoring processes executed
in the system, it blocks suspicious processes and processes that match your specified policies (e.g
unsigned processes on user space, processes signed by an unknown vendor, etc).

We tested OSArmor with recent malware: watch now

Featured Project


SysHardener is a Windows application that lets you improve the security and
privacy of Windows 10/11 OS by applying intelligent security policies, such as block outbound connections of Powershell.exe, turn off Windows Host Script, turn off SMBv1, etc.

Featured Project


Need an API to automate threat detection and threat analysis or to enrich your
SIEM data? APIVoid offers various APIs for threat analysis and detection, such as IP Reputation API and Domain Reputation API that can be easily integrated within any service or application.

Read also: Prevent Malware & Ransomware Infections with OSArmor»

Security Software and Services

We are a small IT company based in Italy solely focused on the development of security software
and web security tools. All of our applications are digitally signed (dual signatures) supporting both SHA1 and SHA2 certificates, they are completely free of adware and spyware and can be utilized within offices and business environments without any risk whatsoever. We have selflessly serviced the security community for nearly a decade and look forward to the next decade of satisfied end-users as we develop
and maintain our software! More info about NoVirusThanks →


Popular Web Services

Most popular web-based services used by CERTs, Govs and IT companies.


IP Blacklist Check

Check an IP address with more than 95 IP blocklists with this IP blacklist checker.


IP Reputation Feeds

IP blocklist of malicious IP addresses detected by our honeypots and spamtraps.


Site Blacklist Check

Check a website with multiple website blacklists to check if the website is blacklisted.


Threat Analysis APIs

JSON APIs useful for cyber threat analysis, threat detection and threat prevention.


Is Website Legit?

Another security tool to check if a website is legit or potentially scam.


Malicious Domains Feeds

Database of malicious websites associated with malware, scam, fraud and phishing.

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