Registry DeleteEx

Product Overview

NoVirusThanks Registry DeleteEx is a small Windows OS software application that can delete locked registry keys and locked registry values via a kernel-mode driver. Some malware may lock/protect registry keys by changing the registry permissions or by using API hooking techniques. With this little tool you can successfully delete almost any registry key and value that can’t be deleted with Regedit or via traditional methods. Useful to fix problems like “Cannot delete registry key” or “Error while deleting registry key” by forcing the deletion of the locked registry key.


Malware and rootkits can be tricky and highly difficult to remove, even for some security software especially when you are dealing with “locked” registry keys and values. The Windows Registry Editor (RegEdit) offers delete options, however they are clearly not strong enough to remove data in these types situations. It’s very frustrating when you encounter “locked” keys/values because they absolutely refuse to be deleted, even in cases when you run as Admin and even take ownership of the key itself. Because we empathize with users who have experienced this we have developed this utility in hopes that we can recover our sanity.

Furthermore, regardless of security permissions in place, NoVirusThanks Registry DeleteEx can effortlessly delete these types of keys/values with ease. Of course, make sure to not delete important system registry keys and/or values, as registry modifications are typically the best way to render a machine unbootable if you end up deleting system-imperative data. Know what you’re doing prior to using this tool, it is also recommended that you back up the key and/or values prior to running any delete options within this software.

Key features and characteristics

  • Delete locked registry keys and locked registry values
  • Fix errors “Cannot delete key: Error while deleting key.”
  • Option to recursively delete all registry subkeys
  • Effectively delete registry keys and values from kernel-mode
  • Delete registry keys or values locked by malware or rootkits
  • Support all Microsoft Windows operating systems
  • Very lightweight in memory and CPU usage

Additional Details

File Version
Last Updated 13 March 2016
Category System Utility
License Type Freeware
Operating System Windows All (32-bit / 64-bit)