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We have created many web services that are in use by CERTs, Internet security companies, students,
security experts and researchers. Find below all public web services we have developed. If you're interested in threat intelligence feeds, private services and APIs, read how to become our sponsor.


IP Blacklist Check

Check an IP address with more than 95 IP blocklists with this IP blacklist checker.


IP Reputation Feeds

IP blocklist of malicious IP addresses detected by our honeypots and spamtraps.


Site Blacklist Check

Check a website with multiple website blacklists to check if the website is blacklisted.


Monitor EXE URLs

Service that monitors malicious executable URLs associated with malware.


Malicious URLs Database

Database of malicious websites associated with malware, scam, fraud and phishing.


Open Multiple URLs

Open multiple URLs at the same time in popular web browsers like IE, Firefox, Opera.


Hijacked URLs Database

Service that monitors hijacked URLs capturing also the redirect URLs.


Calculate File Checksum

Online file checksum tool allows you to calculate file hash online.