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Zeus Trojan Remover v1.9.3

Zeus Trojan Remover detects and remove all known variants of the very dangerous ZeuS banking trojan, also known as ZBot or Wsnpoem, widely used by cybercriminals to steal banking information, credit card details, PayPal login credentials and to collect user information from various popular sites.

For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32\64-bit)

app screenshot

Detect and Remove ZBot Trojan

This tool is specialized in detecting and removing the infamous ZBot trojan. The usage is very simple, click the button “Scan” and the program will analyze your system to find possible presence of ZBot trojan. Note that the program may generate false positives in some cases, when in doubt you can always scan the detected file(s) in online virus scanners and then remove the file(s) if detected.

Detect ZBot Trojan

This tool can detect all known variants of the ZBot (ZeuS) trojan.

Remove ZBot Trojan

This tool can safely remove both files and registry entries of ZBot trojan.

Fast Scanning

We improved the scan of your system and it should take just a few minutes.


Support command-line arguments, i.e ZBotRemover.exe -log “C:zbotscan_log.txt”.

Very Lightweight

The software application uses only a few MBs of memory, you will not even notice it.

No Spyware\Adware

The program is free from spyware, adware or other pests, nothing extra is installed.

Application Screenshots

Here there are some screenshots of the application.

app screen

Product Details

Version 1.9.3
Last Updated January 14, 2016
Operating System For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32\64-bit)
Category Malware Removal Tools
License Type Freeware
File Size 850 KB