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Most Popular Applications

Here you can find the most famous software applications that have
been downloaded the most by Internet users.


File Governor

Best tool to unlock files and folders in use (locked) by other programs.


MD5 Checksum Tool

Compute MD5 or SHA-1 cryptographic hash values on files and text strings.


MAC Address Changer

Change, spoof and restore the MAC Address of any network adapter.


DLL Explorer

Lists unique and non-system loaded DLL files and shows detailed information.


File Shredder Tool

Permanently delete files from your hard drive so that no one can recover them.


Smart File Delete

Safely delete locked files and hard-to-delete files on the next system reboot.


DLL UnInjector

Search, unload\uninject and remove loaded DLLs within selected processes.


File Splitter & Joiner

Split a big file, for example of 10 GB, into smaller files and rejoin split files.


Registry DeleteEx

Delete locked registry keys and values via a kernel-mode driver.