APIVoid: Threat Analysis APIs for Threat Detection & Prevention

Become a Sponsor

We will be offering sponsorship opportunities in which sponsors will be able to contribute to the development of our software products and services offered by NoVirusThanks. As a sponsor you will support all our current software applications and web services, but you will also have full unrestricted access to our data feeds,
private APIs, private technology and even experimental projects for the Windows NT-based OS platfom.
We will use the extended budget to help improve what we have already successfully designed
as well as focus on the creation of newer collaborative projects in order to offer you high caliber
tools and high quality data services. We are open to any kind of partnership
so please feel free to contact us for more information.

Sponsorship Benefits

We offer various sponsorship opportunities, you can choose to support our applications and projects,
have the logo of your company in our website(s), and you can also choose to access our malware feeds.
Each sponsorship plan has a different yearly price that can be discussed.

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Malware Feeds

You can download all of our feeds concerning malicious websites, file hashes, URLs and IP addresses, which include data from ThreatLog, HijackedUrls, IPSpamList, URLVir. You will be granted the rights to commercially use those feeds, that means that you can use these feeds to protect your company or you can integrate them into your products and services. The only limitation is that you can't share, sell, or resell the feed data and you may only use data while you are a valued sponsor with us.

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Private Web APIs

We have created some private web APIs that we use internally and in some web applications. With your help as sponsor, we'll be able to improve the current APIs that we have and you will be able to access and utilize our private APIs, which include an API to detect potentially scam driven and fraudulent websites (in use by URLVoid and other sites), an API to know the creation date of a domain (supports most popular TLDs), and an API to know the reputation of an IP address or website (in development). More and more private web services and exposed API will also be available over time.

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Free Software

As a valued sponsor, you will support all of our great applications and services. We will work to improve what we already have released as well as create new applications and services with your feature suggestions and ideas taken into consideration with high priority. All of our applications are digitally dual signed with both SHA1 and SHA256 certificates, they are completely free of adware and spyware and can be used in offices and business environments without any risk. You will be part of our widely used Free software that so many end-users rely on daily.

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Company Logo

We can place your company logo on the Sponsors page of our website as well as on other high traffic web pages which are visited daily. We will also include a small description and backlink to your company website. Upon request, we can also show a banner of your company or product on our most popular websites, instead of using Google AdSense we will show your banner (rotated with the other sponsors). More advertisement options will be available as time moves forward in order to ensure our Sponsors receive recognition for their part of an important effort to continue fighting malware and other everyday threats that surface on the cyber landscape.

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