Product Overview

NoVirusThanks UPX Easy GUI is a graphical user interface for the popular UPX EXE Compressor. The interface is very simple and user-friendly, it offers easy access to most documented UPX parameters without the need for command-line usage. The software can also be added in the Windows Explorer Context Menu with the options “Compress with UPX Easy GUI” and “Decompress with UPX Easy GUI” for a quick (de)compress of executable files. You also able to scan an entire folder (and subfolders) to automatically compress or decompress any PE file found.


Key features and characteristics

  • Easily compress or decompress PE files with UPX
  • Add UPX Easy GUI to the Windows “SendTo” menu
  • Option to scan a folder to compress/decompress PE files
  • Easily enable/disable the most needed UPX parameters
  • Run it from the USB flash drive with the portable version
  • It can be translated into multiple languages
  • Supports all Microsoft Windows operating systems
  • Very lightweight in the memory and CPU usage

Additional Details

File Version
Last Updated 22 August 2017
Category System Utility
License Type Freeware
Operating System Windows All (32-bit / 64-bit)

Softpedia Editor’s Review 4.5 / 5 Stars

NoVirusThanks UPX Easy GUI commits changes rapidly and carries out a compression/decompression job in no time, delivering significant results in file size. In conclusion, UPX Easy GUI is a pretty decent graphical interface for UPX, and it should please all users looking for an alternative to the command-line console.

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Recent Changes and Fixes

[22-08-2017] - 2.0

+ Updated UPX to latest version v3.94
+ Added a new tab "Advanced" inside "Settings" tab
+ Added compression option --lzma
+ Added compression option --ultra-brute
+ Added option to use custom compression parameters
+ Added Tab "File Info" to get --fileinfo output
+ Updated the setup installer script

[29-07-2014] - v1.9

+ Added new language: Brazilian
+ Added new language: Ukrainian
+ Minor fixes and optimizations

[15-05-2014] - v1.8

+ Added Simplified Chinese language

[10-05-2014] - v1.7

+ Added support for Drag & Drop
+ Allow all application text to be translated
+ Added Greek language
+ Minor fixes and optimizations

[05-05-2014] - v1.6

+ Optimized the main window
+ Minor optimizations

[31-03-2014] - v1.5

+ Updated French language
+ Updated UPX to latest version v3.91
+ By default the option "Make a backup of the original file" is enabled
+ Scan an entire folder to compress/decomrpess files in batch
+ Option to specify a custom file mask to match
+ Option to scan also subfolders
+ Temporarily remember the last opened folder (Compress/Decompress TAB)
+ Minor fixes and optimizations

[15-01-2013] - v1.4

+ Added Arabic language
+ Show the command line parameters when a file is compressed or decompressed

[26-11-2012] - v1.3

+ The option "Do not strip relocations" works also for decompression

[20-11-2012] - v1.2

+ Added Russian language
+ Button "Decompress" can now be translated
+ Moved "Decompress" tab after the "Compress" tab
+ Updated "Decompress with UPX Easy GUI" active tab