Send To Manager

Product Overview

NoVirusThanks Send To Manager is a handy freeware application which helps users to manage the shortcuts (.LNK) present in the Windows “Send To” Menu. With this small utility you can view the list of installed shortcuts in the “Send To” folder, remove specific shortcuts and add new custom shortcuts easily.


Key features and characteristics

  • Easily manage the Windows “Send to” menu
  • Easily remove unwanted shortcuts (excluding system shurtcuts)
  • Show file properties of any shortcut (.LNK) file
  • Add new applications or folders to the Windows “Send to” menu
  • Run it from the USB flash drive with the portable version
  • It can be translated into multiple languages
  • Supports all Microsoft Windows operating systems
  • Very lightweight in the memory and CPU usage

Reviewed at I Love Free Software

NoVirusThanks Send To Manager is a simple utility that is used to manage Windows “Send to” menu. It helps to add new applications shortcut as well to remove unwanted shortcuts (excluding preloaded Windows shortcuts) that are present in Send to menu.

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Additional Details

File Version
Last Updated 04 February 2015
Category System Utility
License Type Freeware
Operating System Windows All (32-bit / 64-bit)

Recent Changes and Fixes

[04-02-2015] - v1.7

+ Updated Swedish language

[29-07-2014] - v1.6

+ Added a new language: Brazilian
+ Added a new language: Greek

[05-05-2014] - v1.5

+ Optimized the About window
+ Minor fixes and optimizations

[14-04-2014] - v1.4

+ Added French language (by Joel)
+ Added option to add a custom folder in the SendTo menu
+ Fixed the resizing of the main window
+ Minor fixes and optimizations

[22-11-2012] - v1.3

+ Added Russian language (by Pavel Kravchenko)
+ Added Spanish language (by Marcelo Camacho)
+ Moved the option "Add New Shortcut" and "Open SendTo Folder" under main Menu
+ Moved "Settings" option under main Menu

[15-05-2012] - v1.2

+ Added Swedish language (by Åke Engelbrektson)
+ All text of application can now be translated
+ Settings are now saved in the INI file
+ Signed EXE file